Monday, January 30, 2012

The stick just wasn't so sticky!

One of my new year resolutions was to plan my daycare projects in advance!
I have not missed a single day!
Everything has been ready and prepped for when the time came!

well last night I look at my calendar
and do a check in my head to make sure I have all the materials
well nope I do not because of the the flood!
I don't have all my yarn, not much tissue paper, no felt
BUT contact paper YES! 
It was on a top shelf!

So I gather all the supplies that made it and have them ready for today!
a BIG piece of contact paper pom poms, a small amount of tissue paper, buttons, sequence, a few pieces of yarn and string and some other small light weight odds and ends!
the kids go to work!!
hang the contact paper on the wall!

set out supplies and let the kids start the decorating process

hmmm where should I put this?

The finished product!

Also not sure if it was because the contact paper has been sitting in a super moist basement or if it was bad contact paper but the items had a hard time staying stuck!!  I am assuming it was because it sat in the basement but who knows! so all day I have been picking up the pieces that are slowing falling off to the ground!!
here one of the kiddos made a face
you can see the eyes, the button ears, the sequence mouth and the yarn for hair!
Too cute!!!

This was a HUGE hit and the kids were busy with this activity for over 30 minutes!  I love when we can get up and moving with our project time!!
I highly recommend this activity with energetic kids! Because there was lots of walking to be done if you stick the supplies on one side of the room and the contact paper on the other! 
I leave you with this picture
I was finsihing lunch clean up and walked into our "new" daycare space and found this little dude sitting at the table reading a book (upside down) just smiling away like he was the biggest kid at daycare today!  It just struck me as super funny and I had to get a picture of it! 

Happy Monday!!

Here are a few more pics of my daycare space as of today
this is a pic of the back bedroom
and this is a pic of the main daycare area that I use!

The carpet is offically dry and waiting a little longer on the wood!
so we are almost ready to start repairing everything!

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