Monday, January 16, 2012

Together we make a box of crayons

(some days I think a desk job would be nice)
anyways...I do LOVE it most days!
I tell people often it is not just a daycare I run, 
It is an extended family!
and not even the children, but their parents!
We all get along, kids, and parents!
It is wonderful!

So today I wanted to do something about MLK
but something that my kids could relate to!
So I googled books...lots of MLK books,
which is great but my I didn't think my kiddos would fully understand!

Then I came across 

The Crayon Box that Talked!
a great poem about how the colors didn't get along but the things that they could do together was BEAUTIFUL

So I made my own little crayon box
and had the children color a printable crayon

While the kids colored we talked about how we are different and no 2 people are alike, 
some are 
tall, short, long hair short hair, boys, girls, blue eyes, green eyes,
some people like
to dance, play sports, listen to music, watch movies, ect...
but together we make a crayon box full of awesome kids!
What melted my heart was the fact the kids called me the crayon box, 
and I hold them all and take care of them...tear!!!

We then filled our crayon box with each individual crayon to make our box complete
(its not fully complete because not all the kids were here!)

they are my little box of crayons!  Each one different and unique in their own special ways!!

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  1. I have always loved that book, it teaches the ideals of MLK Jr in a way even young children can understand. Your extension activity is right on target too, very age appropriate and I bet the kids were proud of their collaborative effort!

    1. I love this book too and the project to go along with it is perfect! Thank you for linking up to stART :)