Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the truth...

so other than my excuse of just being to busy
there is a real truthful explanation of why blogging/doing projects
has taken a seat on the back burner...

i can hardly get out of bed in the morning
i can hardly make it to the kitchen to find something to 
stick in my mouth before i get sick
i can hardly make it till naptime where all i want to do 
is nap with the kids,
but can't because during the summer i have more kids
awake than sleeping...
my energy is GONE!

if you haven't guessed yet

the kiddos and i made this little thing to share the news with the daycare families!

pink or blue
i don't know
about you
but i think

baby due Christmas Day!!  

that is my excuse for being lazy!
hope its good enough! :)

also hoping that any day i will bounce back to my old self!!


  1. Congratulations!!! So excited for you! Hope you start to feel better soon! :)

  2. Yay!!! Congratulations Jill!! How exciting! Out little ones will be just a few weeks apart! :) :)