Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Is that not how kids think?
and lots of adults...

Well to go along with our
I wanted the  kids to do a little lesson about themselves.

First we did a self portrait
you can get the blank face HERE

I had the kids go into the bathroom and look into the mirror and tell me what they saw

and then we came back and drew what we saw onto our blank face 

Then I made a little booklet for the kids to fill in
(just did it on power point, super easy, nothing to exciting!)

The book had:

My Favorite Food:
this would be corn dogs with a GIANT bowl of ketchup!

My Favorite Color:
a rainbow of purples and pinks!

My Family:
she was so into drawing herself, she only had room for her little brother
her comment was "my family is so big I don't know if I can fit them all!"
she got them all in!!

My Name:
Had the kiddos work on writing their names!

Our books are complete! 
I think I am going to keep the books and add more pages when I think of it!
I would also like each child to do one and not everyone was here!  
So this may be a work in progress!!
I was also given a list of questions from another childcare provider and I would love to include the answers to that in the book as well!!

What are some pages I could add to the kids books "About Me!"

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  1. LOVE it!! About me books are SO fun. other pages can be My pets, My Grandparents, My house, My Bike, My Favorite Food, My Favorite Book, My Favorite Stuffed animal....;)

    Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring ideas at Thrifty Thursday! Have a fantastic weekend!