Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Much Fun!

Today was a quiet day since we have a few kids out with strep!
These nasty cold/flu bugs are getting around A LOT!!!

(but I must say we have been fairly healthy and not to many kids have missed daycare so far this winter)

Now onto things like snow!

We hadn't painted with cookie cutters in awhile so I got the snowflake and snowman cookie cutters out and some paint and let the kids get busy!!

After we got done painting with snowman and snowflake cookie cutters I had a surprise waiting upstairs for the kids!


The kiddos had the choice of wearing gloves or bare hands! They all went back and forth!

I had bought some spray bottles at the dollar store so the kids could spray the snow, BUT they didn't work!  DISAPPOINTMENT!  so i pulled out a bunch of syringes and we used those instead!!
they discovered quickly that the snow would melt when it got squirted with water!  AMAZING!!!
AAAHHHHHH he was NOT a fan!!!!!
and this young man was OBSESSED with making yellow snow! :)
which reminded everyone through giggles why we don't eat the yellow snow!

Happy Monday!!!

I went to an amazing training this weekend which a majority of it was about movement and music so I hoping (if brave enough) to share a video clip or 2 of some new games/songs I learned!!

on this blog I mainly only share the "projects/crafts" so hopefully I can start sharing a little more!!


  1. Great idea to bring the snow inside. I bet my kids would love that! Very clever to use syringes when the spray bottles didn't work!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  2. I never thought to bring the snow inside to play with! My little guy would love this!