Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I love the smell of shaving cream!

and just like that Christmas is over!
I took down the house decorations
we took down the daycare decorations!
and while we were taking everything off the walls
the kids kept commenting, 
this is sooo weird with nothing on OUR walls!

And then one child commented...
-oh you silly child we live in South Dakota
summer is a LONG ways away!-

but since the kids are already thinking summer
we did a project with summer colors!

Puffy Paint:
-equal parts glue and shaving cream-
-I added a little paint to the mixture, a small amount!-

The paint drys puffy!

here are some pics of my silly kids that think summer is right around the corner!
-dont worry i crushed their spirits by telling them we still have 6mos of winter!-

our fun summer colors!  
There is NO snow on the ground so I think the kids are confused about winter right now!!

Some of the kids were a little confused about the texture of the paint...sticky, fluffy, gooey...

he is having sooo much fun...can't you tell!!

some of our beautiful creations!

it will dry raised!

What are you painting with today??

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  1. I am pinning this, we have never done this kind of painting before! I LOVE the little baby's face! Ba ha ha ha ha. :D Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday!!

  2. So happy to have found your blog! Great ideas!

  3. I haven't tried puffy paint before, but it looks like a fun for little ones! By the way I wanted to let you know I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here The Versatile Blogger Award

    Happy New Year!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce