Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mitten Match up

I made a little ABC learning game using mittens!

I found this printable HERE

I printed one set on patterned paper
and another set on plain white paper

Cut the set out
wrote a letter on each mitten
and laminated them!

here are a few of the letters
I also added a piece of velcro so that they could stick together when the matches were found!
My idea was to hang them on a "clothesline" and then hid the other pieces and the kids would stick them together!
We have not done that yet but hopefully tomorrow!
Today I just laid one set on the table and hid the other set and the kids had to find one letter at a time tell me the letter and find the match and head back for another!

They did a great job and was impressed with the way they are learning their capital letters!

You can do so much with this activity:
-have them match to the lower case letter 
(i don't feel like my kids are ready for lower case and that why I did upper case)
-print out pictures to match the letter
ex: A is for Apple
I is for Ice cream
-do numbers instead of letters
(i want to do this one, but I think I am going to make it with snowman instead of mittens)
the list could go on for a long time!!

If you have any other ideas for me please share!!!

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  1. This is another great mitten idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. +-That's really good idea.I'm a teacher of before school.I will do that in my classroom.Thanks for share that.