Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Animal Tracks

Its a super simple activity
but the kids ALWAYS love it!!
Because painting with toys is sooo much fun!!

All you need is colored paper
(we used blue)
white paint
(i use paper plates to put the paint onto)

 Here is a pic of the boys growling, making other animal noises, stomping their animals, ect!

Here is one of the finished products 
(ok its mine but of course I had to join in on the fun as well!)

We also had a discussion on animal tracks
the kids went on to tell me that they saw tracks in the backyard
I asked them what kind and they told me that they found 
monster, snake, people, and rabbits!
(i hope the monster and snake aren't real) :)

I made this little printable so the kids could see some of the different tracks

Today the boys were also busy building a zoo for their animals
so i had to capture a few pictures of the boys and their zoo!
(when I pulled out my camera, one of the kids said,
"oh don't forget to take a picture of me!")

What things do you and your kiddos like to do with animals!
We have a a huge bucket full of animals and they are out and being used

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