Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why I do Daycare

you see these little hands?
They are all my little hands!
When I trace their little hands they light up and say "Please do me do me!! and THAT TICKLES!!"
Those little phrases makes me giggle and make me happy!
These little hands are beauitful, they love their friends, they love me, they are my little daycare family!
These little hands also drive me CRAZY
Those hands hit, take toys away from other children, those hands get dirty and they wipe them all over my glass door and my kitchen cabniets, and they dont pick up toys during clean-up time.
But even though those little hands don't always make good choices, they are mine!
Everyday families drop their kids off at my house, and without words they tell me to love them, to protect them, to feed them, and care for them! 
Everyday I do! 
I might get crabby and frustrated and somedays think WHY do i do this?
But then each day I am reminded that I love these little hands when they are good and when they are bad! 
I love all my children! 
I love my job!!

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