Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DAY 5 -- Gift Wrapping

-who would have thought wrapping paper, tape scissors, and books would be such a fun activity -
I put the big kids in our den for this activity while I hung out with the little kids that I don't really trust with a scissors unless we are sitting at a table! :)
It was a great activity for the kids to work on their cutting skills.
I also had only two rolls of tape, and I was worried their would be fighting, but surprisingly there was none!
The kids shared, helped each other out with the tape, and wrapped about 20 books!
They were very loud and energetic towards the end and thats when I said time was up!

All you need for this activity is
(i recommend at least one scissors per child)
(the books are hard, flat and were pretty easy for the kids to wrap)

And then just let them loose!

Here are some photos of the kids working on their wrapping skills!

Lots of fun was had on this wrapping party day!!!

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