Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 10 ---NO SOCKS---

the chain link is getting so short we need a chair to stand on!
makes it so much more exciting!!

the kids were so excited and happy to find out they could take their socks off for the day!

--eww sorry about the nasty gross toes in the middle--
--we are missing a couple bare feet but this is the best I could do--

To go along with our no sock day, we also made choclate spoons
I had seen this idea lots, did not look at instructions on how to do it so just roll with me people!

I used have an almond bark package
choclate chips, m&ms and Christmas Sprinkles
and of course spoons!

We dipped our spoons into the almond bark (i used vanilla)
and then quickly decorated them!
They loved this activity!!
Sadly because it was a messy activity I didn't get as many pics taken!

-notice the little dude going in for the lick!-

working hard!!

Our finsihed products!
I threw in a couple pretzels with the leftover almond bark!

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