Thursday, December 1, 2011

DAY 1 of the Christmas Countdown

The kids were SUPER excited when we got to tear off the first link to our advent calendar chain links! 
(I think they were more excited about the tearing part than they were the activity inside!)
--parents of my daycare kids just so there is no confusin we are counting down how many "daycare days" till Christmas not actual days so I promise I do know how to count!--

We then had a dance party!  Dance parites are usually fun until someone gets hurt from spinning to much and falls over onto someone else! So we had fun at our dance party for approximentally 5 mins! :)
Then we moved onto the 2nd part of our day 1
Decorating a gingerbread "person"
(the kids got to choose to make a boy or girl)

Here are some pics of the kids hard at work!   I handed them the glue bottles and walked away.  I choose to let ago of being controlling and let them do it ALL by themselves!  I was very proud of their gluing! :)


Here is a girl and a boy!  They turned out very nice and the kids loved doing this project! 
What did you do for day on of your advent calendar!!


  1. What a cute activity. Thank you for stopping by Crafty Moms Share today.

  2. Cute Idea, I love the boy/girl gingerbreads.