Friday, October 21, 2011

Sensory Overload!

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Everyday Sensory Play
Today was one of those days that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do some sensory tubs! 
Sensory is very important for children in their development.
Here are a few things children learn from playing in the sensory "area" (we have sensory time)
- to use their imagination
- how to use tools
- to solve problems
- to play socially with others
- math- learning size, shape, and volume
- to see changes

There were 6 kids so I decided to do 4 tubs of sensory things!

flour and baby oil
I had about half a bottle of baby oil and then I added flour in by the spoonful until I liked the consistancy I had!  Its a very slimy feel, if you add more flour you will get a cookie dough feel.  So do what you like or what your kids will like!  Add a few spoons and bowls for the kiddos to explore with!

 cornstarch and water
very simple!  add equal parts water and may need to add more water or cornstarch to get the right consistency! I threw in a few items from our kitchen area!  What you are looking for is looks wet but feels hard!  If you have never done this its awesome!   

 flour, salt, sugar
I wanted a sandy feel so i just added flour salt and sugar I didn't measure just dumped!  It turned out great!  I threw in some seashells, spoons and a few other items from our kitchen area!

rice and sequnce
you can find how I made thw colored rice and see what I did with it all here
I again just threw in a few things from the kitchen area and let the kids go at it!

I gave the kida about 5 mins at each tub and then after they tried out each tub let them go where they wanted.  Everyone had their favorites and spent a LOT of time at their favorites!  I was personally surprised at everyones favorite but it was a good surprise!

Here are some pics (sorry if its picture overload) and a few captions of the comments and observations I heard and saw!

here are a couple girls playing in the sand!  They liked digging for the shells!
 this little guy was pouring the rice back and forth between 2 cups!
I didnt get a pic of another little guy that spent his entire time here!  He didn't enjoy the wet sensory and the "sand" but the rice was the perfect texture for him!
 playing with the oobleck!  cornstartch and water
they werent a huge fan of it since it can be hard to work with!  The kids thought it was hilarious that the stuf was "stuck" in the oobleck!  they also found the name was funny!
 this little guy got his own senosry tray of water and soap!  He LOVED it!!!
 the little guy over here LOVED this stuff!  He would pour it into his fingers over and over.  He sat here for 48 mins!!  His words over and over were "Jill, FUN!!"
 here he is watching the oobleck drip between his fingers!
 this is the only little one the LOVED the flour and baby oil mixture!  She was covered in this stuff!  she loved the way it felt the way it smelled and the way it moved.  she commented that she could "write on it!"
 then we have the sand tub that was a favorite of these 2 ladies!  The girl in the pink (my daughter)   kept putting her face in it!  and then she asked can I put my toes in?  Why not!!  When the girl in the blue heard this her socks were off so fast and her feet were in!!  they thought it was the greatest thing ever!
Then all the girls ended up in the sand writing letters and dumping it on the floor :)

What are some of your favorite sensory tub ideas??
Please share always looking for more!

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  1. Haha - you just have to feel it with your toes! I haven't tried flour and baby oil yet - It is on my list!! Thanks for signing up for my linky today!