Tuesday, June 19, 2012

this is so much fun!!

i got an email last night
"i see you have been ignoring your blog"

in this post you will find out why my blog is being ignored...
but really its just an excuse
and this parent made me realize with that small comment
i need to suck it up and get back to project!

so today i pre-cut some butterflies
 got a collection of odds and ends out
 made some glue paint
glue + a little squirt of paint = glue paint!
its a favorite over here, because colored glue is way cooler than white glue!
 the kids got busy!
they were happy, excited, saying "this is soo much fun!"
we haven't done a project in forever!
(hang head in shame!)
 i forgot that by doig projects, 
there is less fighting
more laughter
a little education
makes the day go by faster
breaks the day up!
 i forgot that almost 3 year olds use WAY TO MUCH glue
but because they are having so much fun i don't care!
 i also forgot how creative these kids are!
im sorry kids that you have been neglected from project time
i will not make promises that i will do it everyday
but i will try to be more consistent!!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice...try the same thing, fold it and have the kids put paint on one side, and fold it again of course, it comes out nice. Maybe...decorate it again after the paint dries. Thanks for the post.
    Ms. Dawn