Friday, June 1, 2012


or spaghetti ...
but when you tell the kids its worms they get super excited
and then just a little bummed when they realize it is just spaghetti
but yet they still have loads of fun!!

spaghetti and paint
we have done this before and the kids had so much fun i knew we would have to do it again!

here is one group of kids just getting started on their "worm" paintings!

here is the other group getting started on their "worm" paintings!
I had planned on doing an insect type of theme and i thought this was a fun activity to get us started
on our bug theme!
you have any ideas PLEASE share!!

no one tried to eat the spaghetti this time around and everyone had fun dragging, swinging, and manipulating the spaghetti in all different fun ways!
some kids even took the spaghetti and shaped them into letters to write their name!

some of or beautiful finished products!

we also had a talk about where we wipe/wash our hands...
take a guess why we had to have this discussion!
i should know better that white pants and paint don't go together! :(

Happy Friday!!


  1. I love the worm paintings! Very cool!

  2. Oh my, I have missed you.... :) Sorry I have been lagging.. life has been so busy. But this is a cute idea.... We might just do it tomorrow!!! Would love to have you link up at our party... I love when things are linked up because then I can always have them right there.. ahha!