Thursday, February 2, 2012

cleaning, painting, and pretending!

My buddy has RSV!
Another child in my care also has RSV
and has been in the hospital for a couple days!
pretty much everyone has a stuffy, snot nose
and a few others have coughs!
its no fun to be sick or take care of sick kiddos!

So today since I only had a couple kiddos for the morning
we cleaned toys!!
Since the water issue in the basement I just haven't had time to go through everything and make sure it was ok so I got about 10 buckets of toys that I sorted through and cleaned! 
Of course, my 2 that were awake had to help as well!
The kids love to help me and they were super busy wiping down blocks!
here they are my hard little workers!

After lunch when I had a few more kids show up, we did our project time!

What you will need:
we used pinks, red, purples and whites!

Because this activity takes up a little more space than a normal project I had 1 child at a time do it!
It worked out great because this was a new activity we hadn't done before, it was fun to watch everyone else take a turn!

Super fun project time!

here are some of our finished products
(the kids thought they looked like fire works)

What kid wouldn't have fun painting with balloons!?!

Finally I leave you with these photos!
They wanted to go for a car ride so they made their own car and went for a ride!
I love all their little smiling faces!!

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