Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Pictures from sweet kiddos!

This weekend has been a whirlwind!
My little brother was in a serious car accident on Thursday afternoon
so days and evenings spent at the hospital, along with just being a mother and wife!
Friday to keep my mind busy I had daycare
and told the kids about my brother/my kiddos uncle.
We prayed for him and talked about how cool he was
(they had just seen him since he was here working on the Basement)

Today I wasn't in a project mood kinda mood.
so I just took out some crayons, paper, and letters to trace or do crayon rubbings on

The kiddos got busy on their stuff,
when a child mentioned that we hadn't prayed for my brother
so we stopped what we were doing and prayed!
The kids then thought it would be fun to draw him pictures to make him happy!

here are a few pics of the kids hard at work!

I was given these letters awhile back ago and didn't think much of them and then I realized that would be great for a writing activity!
tracing, crayon rubbings or just covering your paper in them!

 Here are a couple pics of what the kids drew.
 one of the little girl drew a picture of Natalie (my daughter) and her uncle Kirk!
so sweet!
I told the kids that Kirk loved doing puzzles so another little girl drew a bunch of puzzle piees for him!  to cute!!!
It was so sweet to see the kids remember my brother and want to draw pictures for them!  It meant so much to me!  They made sure to sign their names so that Kirk would know who the pictures were from, they are sooo sticken cute!

Please Pray for My Little Brother a he has a long road ahead of him
here is his caring bridge page if you want to see his progress.

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