Friday, February 17, 2012

Play with Your Food

I LOVE table manners
(i don't have them myself)
but I do try to teach the children about table manners
so playing with food isn't always an option!

But today I encouraged playing with food
and then eating it :)

What you need:
and fruit loops
-i forgot those in the photo-
what this is are little dixie cups with a scewer stuck in them and a quarter piece of paper the colors of the rainbow/fruitloops

I then placed the cups on the table and the fruitloops in the center
and had the kids match the fruitloops with the card under the cup.
--this was very easy for my group so I added numbers to the cards and had the kids match the correct number of fruitloops with the card number and color--
The girls matching the cups to the paper
matcing the fruitloops with the paper
 hmmm i think this is a good match!
working hard!!

I even had the little guys do this project, i did not have them do the color matching but just focus on the fine motor skills of getting the fruitloop onto the stick!
not very often can I get the little boys to sit still for more then 48 secs
so the fact that they did this for 30mins is WONDERFUL!!!
It helped that they could snack and learn at the same time!!
look at the concentration on that face!!
one at a time!
 look Jill, I did it!!
taking a quick snack break!!

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!


  1. I love that idea! My 2 year old son will rarely do an activity for more than 3 minutes (trucks or trains yes, but an activity with a "purpose" no). .might have to pick up some fruit loops!

  2. LOVE Eli's pic! He looks like such a grown up little boy!

  3. What a fun activity! I've loved the mild winter, but am a bit bummed that we didn't get to go sledding down a big hill this year!