Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ooey Goey cookies

Devil's Food Cake Mix
and a few other ingredients
A little bit of yummyness (if thats even a word) in your mouth!

So I am trying to be better about baking and cooking for my family and daycare kiddos, but since I am not so good at either I have been trying very simple recipies to get me started and because this one just sounded amazing we gave it a try...yes, WE gave it a try!  5 of those wonderful daycare kids got to help with this fun!
We all washed hands and then after the first 5 cookies were rolled, the hands got licked and we had to re wash the hands and then have a talk about not licking our hands while baking.  Well that gave my daughter the idea of just licking the ball of dough instead...its all good the germs baked off in the oven...right?!?
 the dough made 30 cookies...only 8 were left :)
My natty patty enjoying her yummy cookie!

Gotta go, Buffalo!

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