Wednesday, August 31, 2011

oodles and noodles of fun!

POOL NOODLES!  who would have thought pool noodles would bring so much joy to ones day and we didn't even go in the water with them!  But, here is what we did with them! 

First I cut 3 noodles up.  The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever to watch me take a knife to a pool noodle...because in daycare destroying toys is always more fun that playing with toys...right?!?
The first activity with the cut up noodles was painting!  Like I have said before my kids LOVE to paint, so they were SUPER excited when they learned they got to paint with noodles!

Even baby Eli got to join in on the fun!

We talked a lot about patterns today while painting, the kids were to busy painting that they really didn't grasp the concept of patterns so after the painting we decided to build with the noodles!

We will have to keep working on those patterns,but the girls had fun seperating all the different colors!
(of course my Natalie would have all the pink)
Finally we worked on stringing the noodles! A great fine motor skill!  The girls were pretty quick at it, but it was a challenging fun activity for the little guys!

That was our fun exciting day with pool noodles!  Now take your noodles cut them up and let your kids have fun with them! I am ALWAYS looking for more ideas so share with me what you did with your pool noodles!

Bye, Bye, Butterfly!

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