Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bubble, Bubble, POP!!

What kid doesn't love bubbles!  So I thought today would be the perfect day to do Bubble Painting!
It was a super fun activity that the kiddos and myself LOVED!
To do this activity you need very few items, containers to put your paint bubbles in, straws, dish soap, and paint.
We used 4 different colors of paint.
couple squirts of paint, couple squirts of soap, and a little water and you get this!
We then took this outside because I had never done this activity before I figured it would be best to do it outside!
when you get this, it means you have added enough of everything!
then gently lay a piece of paper on top and let the bubbles pop!

and you get these lovely pictures!  We did LOTS of them!  At first we kept getting the rings of where the cups were on the paper which didn't look bad just not what we wanted so I had the girls keep blowing bubbles while I held the paper and then we didn't get the rings!
The kids LOVED blowing the bubbles and seeing what the paper looked like! 
so of course when the paper has run out you allow this to happen...

They were covered in paint and so was my kitchen table and floor...whats that?  You thought I was smart and did this outside?  I was but then it was to windy so we had to come inside! Oh well its washable and it all came out..except for that pink spot on my table...norwex time to do your magic!

Be Sweet, Parakeet!

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