Friday, January 27, 2012

Sparkle and Shine!

Since my basement is FAR from being sparkling and shining

This was at 630 am on Thursday January 26th
This was at 12pm today January 27th

Slowly but surly the progress is being made!
We are trying to stay positive!!

Anyways like I said before
Since my basement is far from being sparkly and shinny 
we had to do a craft to brighten up my mood
(the kids are THRILLED to be having daycare on my main level!)

So I stole asked my husband for some of his cds that he wasn't using
and we decorated them with gems, and sequence!

look at those big ol brown eyes!  How do you not love her!!
even through the sass, I love her!

working hard!!

Here are a few of the finished products!
the plan will be to string them up somewhere!  
we just haven't decided where yet!
Simple, easy, fun and sparkly!!  
and who does love a little sparkle in their life!

Happy Weekend to everyone!

I will hopefully be taking daily pics so that I can remember all work we went through and hopefully in the very near future my daycare will look AMAZING!!!

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