Friday, December 30, 2011

if only I were an octopus

Top 11 Things I heard in 2011
some I hear daily! 
some are those sayings that just make me laugh every time I think about it!

11 - There is a monster living in Jill's house
(when the air or furnace runs the doors jiggle)

10 - We don't want to come inside yet!

9 - Your baby is fat!
(my baby is a big boy)

8 - I am Hungry!
(these kids are ALWAYS hungry!)

7 - You make the best food EVER!
(this is said when i make mac-n-cheese)

6 - moo cows in the pasture!
(i have a little boy obsessed with cows!  and I hear this phrase 100 times a day!)

5 - There are squirrels in my pants playing with my nuts
(this was not said inappropriately! He was pretending!)

4 - Jill, I wish you were an octopus with 8 arms because then we wouldn't have to be so patient, and you could do everything at one time!

3 - When you swallow bubble gum your butt cheeks will get stuck together!
(i giggled for days after this was said...i actually still giggle about it!)

2 - Jill, you have the best house EVER!!

1 - Jill, you are the best!

1, 2 are my favorites and thankfully I do get to hear them daily!  I am so blessed to have a beautiful daycare family!!!

and these sayings are why I do my job, even on the bad days!

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