Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today was a sad day!
1 -- the kids are punishing me for taking a day off
-behaviors have ben something to be desired-
2 -- my baby boy has an ear infection
3 -- our chain link advent calendar said to play with snow inside
-never did I think that in the middle of december there would be NO snow on the ground and it would be raining!-
The kids were sad!  I was sad!  Baby Boy was miserable!
But because I am good at what I do, seriously I am awesome...ok seriously, I have just learned to think quickly! We finsihed making our ornaments,
there were a few kids that hadn't done them yet so we did that.
and then we did a little collage with left over pieces from our frames

Here are some kids busy gluing andsticking!

pretty sure this kid would have emptied the whole bottle doing that!!
Hopefully we will have a white Christmas --actually I dislike the snow ALOT,
but its gross outside and the snow makes it look pretty!

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