Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Christmas is here!
The presents are arriving!
my house is shrinking...or at least feels like its shrinking!
Oh the flu has come!
kids vomitting!
Its fun...or NOT!
I felt the need to clean and organize!

So to keep the flu away,
we cleaned,
we organized,
we found toys we haven't played with in FOREVER!

My wonderful sister-in-law is in town
so she came to hang out and play with kids
(she now has the flu)
-oh my hubby is also sick-

Here is what we did
-every toy found a home, their right home, not the home the kids thought was easiet to find that day!-
I feel like its cleaner, and more oragnized!

-sadly this wasn't all of it. This was only half...we started to feel a little overwhelmed but...

everything did find its home, things were put back into the closet AND we can get to it!  YAY!!  I love it!
Now I have been taking pictures of all the toys and will begin labeling all the buckets, and containters of toys so at clean up time things can be put into their correct home!!

-the kids were SUPER good while we cleaned and found the correct homes for the correct toys!
I think they were having fun finding and playing with new toys!

-thank you to my dear sis in law for coming out to play and sorry you got sick :(

Getting a head start on my new years resolutions!

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