Friday, December 16, 2011

Felt Friday

It is FINALLY back!
I didn't mean to slack on my Felt Friday projects,
but sometimes, life just takes over and felt gets put on the back burner

For disappering on Felt Friday for a VERY LONG TIME
I will be giving you 2, yes TWO felt projects!!

The first one is SUPER CUTE,
I got it from this lovely website, The Iowa Farmer's Wife
-be sure to stop over and check it out!-

Rudolph the _______ nose Reindeer

What you Need:
Felt: dark brown, lite brown, red, and any other color you want
and a cute little child to help make the reindeer
and of course a scissors to cut everything out!

You will need to cut out 2 handprints from the dark brown
and a roundish triangle from the light brown
then with all the other colors cut out a circle from each color...don't forget the RED!

-I used a milk lid to trace the circles, it was the perfect size!

-don't forget to add eyes-
There are lots of different ideas you could come up with for this felt project!

You could just place a different colored circle and ask the kids "rudolph the orange nose reindeer?" and keep doing that until you get to red, a great color game!
for the older kids you could write the colored word on a piece of paper and have the child pick a piece of paper and find the color circle that matches the word!
-I would print the words in the color of the word, for example pink would be printed pink
-or you can just set it out on a table and let children come up with their own way of playing with it!

-- what ideas can you come up with for this felt project --

and here is another one that I quickly put together tonight
 -a christmas tree with decorations,
kids LOVE decorating Christmas Trees and so this is a fun little activity for them to decorate a child size tree

-sorry for the blurry pic!-
--I also thought about making a colored dice for this tree, the kids would roll the dice and then put that color circle on the tree! --
Yup defintly going to be doing that!!

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Happy weekend everyone!

Hopefully Felt Friday will continue and will not get put on the back burner!


  1. Yay! It turned out great! Isn't it so fun?

  2. What a fun idea... felt Friday... I need to do that. Felt is great, I'm about to do one here in a few days after Christmas is over, we'll see how turns out. Your reindeer and Christmas tree turned out cute :) Stopping by from Sharing Saturday and Following you through GFC and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts.


  3. What great ideas. I love both of them. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!