Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 2 -- Advent Calendar

~DAY 2~
Again I don't think the kids care what the paper says, I think they are just so excited on who's turn it is to ripe the paper off and count how many days till Christmas gets here!

Today (or Friday) we read a Bible story about the birth of Jesus.  While I read the kids colored a paper of a navitiy scene which I got HERE
It is a very simple nativity scene coloring page.  It really got the children talking about Mary Joesph and Baby Jesus.  It was nice to hear the converstaions that were had while the coloring was going on! 

~My daughter now can't get enough of coloring a manger scene.  She keeps asking me to print her more pictures!~

On top of the coloring page we also made a Christmas tree out of paper plates!
To make the paper plate Christmas tree you will need 3 pieces of a paper plate
- 1/4 of a paper plate
-half a paper plate
-and then I cut half a paper plate and snipped a little bit off each end of it for the middle piece of the tree.
when they were painted and dried I taped the papers plates together on the back.
Very simple and easy!
We painted the tree green with our fingers.  Anytime we use our fingers to paint the kids are super excited and super messy!!  Here are some photos of the fun we had!

now that "my babies" are doing a majority of the projects my camera is being neglected!  Them little boys needs lots of my attention when it comes to painting!!

After they had dried we came back and added the "decoration"

And here is the finished product!
They look so nice! 
You could add all sorts of stuff to amp it up.  Buttons, a star, pom poms, and so much more!  But today we kept it simple with glitter dots!

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Be sure to come back to see what we will be doing the rest of the month!!

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  1. SUPER CUTE Jill!! We should email or share our daycare ideas! I don't think I'm very 'technology coordinated' to figure out a blog!! I LOVE finding new things! We are gonna make these trees tomorrow! :)