Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have been working on a project for me! 
NOT kid related, just for mommy! 
No babies, toddlers, or preschoolers invovled...OH MY!!!
Yes, I know this is my daycare blog about kids crafts,
but...are you looking for something to give a loved one, a teacher, a daycare provider,
well if so keep reading...

I made some cute little coasters!
I got the ideas from Mess for Less
-a really great blog-

What you need:
4 ceramic tiles 4.25 by 4.25
(i got mine for 12 cents a piece at Menards- a local hardware store)
Mod Podge
brush for applying
decorative paper of your choice
-- and most importantly you need a little mommy time --
(i find this to be the most imporant!)
Cut the decorative paper 3.25 by 3.25
Apply a layer of mod podge onto the tile
place paper onto cermaic tile
allow to dry (10-15 minutes)
apply another layer of mod podge on top
do this 2-3 times...allowing to dry between each layer
After the coasters have had the mod podge applied 2-3 times (remember to allow to ry completely after each application) add small piece of felt to the bottom of each corner.  I just cut small squares and hot glued them on!
 wrap in a pretty ribbion!
-my bow skills need work-
and give away to a specail somebody.
to add a little more to the package add that special somebodies favorite beverage!
Here are some of my finsihed coasters

Happy Crafting Mommies!

One thing I have learned about being a mother and daycare provider is its very important to get some me time!  Even if that means watching a little tv and doing a mommy craft after the kids have gone to bed!

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  1. Cute coasters! :) I love reading about/looking at the projects you have been doing with the kids! So cute!

  2. You seriously did not do this?!?! The boys and I were going to make some of these for YOU for Christmas... we need to go with plan B now;)

  3. Those are soooooooo cute. I need to make some.. I am always leaving coffee rings, because my kids steal my little round coasters..
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  4. Wow soo cool - what a great idea!

    I'm a new follower from the Mingle with Us blog hop! Please feel free to stop by my blog. I have some crafty things too. :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  5. What a great idea.

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  6. I'd heard of Mod Podge but admittedly didn't know exactly what it was. Now I want to try it!

    I'm stopping by on the Mingle With Us blog hop and I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll stop by and check out my blog too!

    Making Mama Happy