Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sometimes and Always

linking up with the adorable preggers
on her sometimes and always link up!

Sometimes: i lay in bed until the last second possible
Always: i wish i could lay in bed for a few minutes longer, this baby makes me tired!

Sometimes: i worry about getting out the door on time when i start my new job
Always: i hate being late, so i know i will get to work on time!

Sometimes: my Eli hugs the daycare families when they drop off and pick up
Always: i think my daycare families are really going to miss his hugs, even when he leaves drool and boogers behind!

Sometimes: i get horrible headaches
Always: drinking soda pop makes it better! hello, my name is jill and i am addicted to caffeine 

Sometimes: i get really overwhelmed by taking on a new job
Always: God comforts me, and reminds me this was a good decision!

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  1. i am the same way when it comes to headaches I just drink some caffeine & usually it goes away but occasionally it stays then its no fun! & sleeping in is always nice! I love it :)