Monday, April 23, 2012

menu monday

another week
another menu

monday - taco muffins
1 biscuit fill with taco meat and cheese,
cover with another biscuit
top with cheese
back in muffin tins!
  (suppose to have this last week friday but we ended up having pizza instead)

tuesday - cream chicken on bun
cook chicken breast in crockpot day before
(i like to add a little garlic and a little lawreys seasoning) 
add can of cream of chicken soup
(i make 5lbs of chicken and will need 2-3 cans of soup)
add milk if its to thick, add flour of its to runny
always a quiet table when cream chicken on bun is served!

wednesday - simple lasagna roll-ups
these were all over pinterest a few months ago, it called for "weird" ingredients 
so mine are much simpler
boil noodles
cook meat and add spaghetti sauce
lay out lasagna noodle
spoon full of meat/sauce mixture add mozz cheese
roll up
(i make 1 roll up per child)
cover with leftover meat/sauce mixture
top with cheese
for 8-12 kids 
i use 1lb hamburger, 1 LARGE jar of sauce
(my kiddos are not a fan of hamburger so i use a lot of sauce little hamburger)
1 package of mozz shredded cheese

thursday - turkey, turkey bacon, cheese ranch roll-ups
tortilla roll-up spread a little ranch, a few slices of turkey
1 piece of turkey bacon a slice of cheese
stick a toothpick in it!
this is another favorite!
some of the kids pull the thing apart and eat it individually 
and other eat it altogether!

friday - CLOSED!!  

MENU is subject to change 
whenever i feel like 
and am to lazy to cook what was planed :)
that is what pizza is for!

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  1. I always enjoy looking at your site and awarded you a "Liebster Blog" award. Come over to my site to see what it is about.

  2. I came from The Kids Place and was excited to find another Daycare Blog!! I love following blogs by people who do what I do and actually do something with the kids!! I have been jumping around your posts and love it. I can't wait to try out some of your ideas. I love your Menu Plan Monday!! Especially the disclaimer at the end, I need to add that to my menu :) I can't wait to see what you have in store this week.