Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sometimes and always

sometimes i can't think of anything to blog about
which is why i join a linky party
Macky Madness Sometimes and Always
always i love it!!

sometimes - i think my daycare families are going to have an intervention on my choice of comfy pants and t-shirts EVERY SINGLE DAY
always- i do my best work in my comfy pants, so i will continue to wear them daily!

sometimes - i look around and wonder what my house would look like without daycare stuff
always - it would probably be worse since having a daycare reminds me to clean more often

sometimes - i make the kids call me Queen Jill
always - i wish they would call me queen Jill ALWAYS! :)

sometimes - we have dance parties
always - the kids think i have the best moves

sometimes - i only unload the dishwasher with ONLY the dishes i need at the moment
always - my hubby will finish unloading it for me


  1. Link up's are so awesome when you can't think of any blogging material! Plus their fun! :)

  2. LOL at Queen Jill! That is hilarious...and awesome! I love it! :D

  3. OK super funny that you have them call you Queen Jill! And I only take out the dishes Im using at the moment toooo!! LOL
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  4. I am just like that with my dishwasher! I only take out what I need...and then I usually finish unloading it when I need to load it up again. Haha!!

    Thanks for linking up with me!