Friday, April 13, 2012

friday the 13th

i am not a superstitious person at all
i do think things usually happen is 3s
and that the full moon seems to 
have an affect on the elderly and children
i should really start documenting those days and see if i am right

didn't even know it was friday the 13th until a dear friend sent me a text
and then i thought 
that explains these first 3 hours
and it was only 8am!

My daughter was up WAY to early!!
which put us both in a mood by 7am!

by 830 everything smoothed out and i thought
ok today will be a good day!!

I decided we would play with dirt 
to go along with our farm theme!

the kids loved it
i stressed over it!
and anyone that knows me 
knows i dislike a mess
and i dislike cleaning a mess

while cleaning the mess up
my little picnic table broke
and while i was fixing it 
it fell on my face
and now i have a bump on my nose!
(and im a baby and it hurt!)

then the girls got into a spat
girls and spats = screaming and tears
we calmed down by doing a little coloring activity

lunch went GREAT!

then while cleaning lunch up my son ran across the kitchen 
tripped over my foot
blood everywhere!!

to bed he went!

finally quiet time! 
we are having a naptime slumber party!

happy friday the 13th!

anything weird happen on your day?

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