Wednesday, April 18, 2012


we learned what the word absorb means
(parents be sure to ask your children what it means)

i poured water on the counter and absorbed it with a sponge
i then asked the kids what absorb meant
they said 

i then explained that it means to suck up
they said 
"like when someone spills milk you suck it up with a rag!"
then they said 
"so its still like cleaning?"

yep it kinda is! :)

we then painted with some things that absorbed the paint
and other things that didn't absorb the paint
this was a hit!  we have painted with all these materials before
but combining them was new, and fun!
we also painted with the primary colors
 instantly the kids were busy mixing colors and creating new colors
and of course mixing and creating is super fun!
i love when i can just sit back, snap photos
and let the magic of learning happen on its own!
when kids are busy communicating with each other
using our new word absorb, and talking about the color mixing they were doing!
and you know its a great day when babies eat paint! :)
(non toxic my friends!)
and then things get really fun when that one child
you know the one that likes to step over the line you drew
just to see what would happen
(its my child)
and then when you say, hey thats supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
(another new word we learned today!)
EVERYONE joins in and you are kinda kicking yourself
but yet the learning is still happening 
language is still going on 
and really all messes are cleanable!
and even though the kids are painting themselves 
and saying they look like zombies 
(i don't even think they know what a zombie is)
you are like whatever, 
because a year ago those kids would have NEVER 
gotten more than a finger covered in paint!
and then they aren't even painting anymore they are just smearing 
and then looking at me
like is this still ok
(which i will admit normally its not)
but today it was because it was done with control!
you see friends sometimes i lose control
12 kids, and paint...its easy to lose control!
and when that moment happens its not pretty
i yell, i make them stop what they are doing
and control has been lost!
but when you have control
things like this happen
and its good, 
its fun
its awesome!
so im learning something from these kids
and its to absorb the moment 
and not lose control of the spill!

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