Wednesday, April 11, 2012

growing like weeds...

or maybe i should say they are growing like flowers because it sounds nicer
but really these kids are growing like CRAZY!!

i have been doing daycare for almost 4 years 
have added 2 families 
lost 1 family (kid had to go and grow up!)
otherwise i have had the same families
and they just keep having babies to keep me in busy!

we hung up a flower to see everyone growing!
one of these days I am going to get one of those giant rulers so i can keep their little marks 
forever, FOREVER (insert sandlot voice)
the kids LOVE to be measured! 
we are talking ME FIRST, OUT OF MY WAY
LOVE to be measured!
waiting for his "mark"
i always have to explain to the boys
when they are almost in tears because a girl is taller than them
that girls grow faster than boys at first but eventually
you will be taller.

After we got our "marks" on the flower
we took leftover easter grass
some popsicle sticks and pom poms
glue, paint and paper
and let the kids create what they wanted to with these items!
i love to set up a table and let the kids work where they want 
and move freely from the table to their work area!
they always enjoy this method as well!!
babies stayed busy with throwing easter grass everywhere!
little boys stayed busy with pouring a bottle of glue to one piece of grass!
squeezing glue is a great fine motor skill
so even though it pains me to see the glue be "wasted"
i know that eventually they will learn!
"jill, look i did it!"
way to go buddy! you did a great job pouring glue all over your paper 
and then setting some easter grass on top!
you are a rock star!
some of the kids made lorax trees!
some of the kids made flowers planted in pink grass!
some made a beautiful garden!!

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