Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hunting, cutting, and painting

this week is kind of weird...
today i only had 2 kids till 10
and then by lunch I had 8 kids
i enjoy days like this
i can come up with an egg hunt alphabet game
without 100 distractions!
as you can see in the photo above i made an egg
cut the egg in half and put a lower case letter on top
and an upper case letter on bottom

i also do the laundry on these quiet weird days
some may not agree with me doing housework 
while I work,
but its one of the perks in my job!
after the eggs were made, laundry was folded
and the other 6 kids arrived
we hunted for the cracked alphabet eggs and put them together!
the kids did fantastic at this!
i am super impressed that the kids know most if not ALL the letters of the alphabet!
then we had some quiet time so i could prepare another activity!
i started cutting out eggs when i said
hey crazy daycare lady you do to much of the work and don't give
the kids enough opportunity to do some of the work for themselves.
i have control issues..
so i handed over the paper, and the scissors 
and let the kids do the work while i sat back and took pictures.
again these kids amaze me and how talented they are
i take all the credit...joking!
after we got done cutting our eggs out we took some plastic eggs
and painted circles with them onto our egg cutouts!
I got the idea to paint with the eggs from my 
AMAZING daycare friend sheena!
she is my sanity, because she understands the job
and she understands me!
painting with the eggs was a little tricky as they were quit slippery
when your hand was covered in paint.
how does a child get their hand covered in paint after 10 secs
of me placing the paint on the table!
kids are tricky!
these two act like brother and sister
but are GREAT friends!
"because mom you can be friends with boys that is ok, right?!?"
"yes dear you can be friends with boys...and thats it, JUST FRIENDS!"
 and finally the dirty boy painting...
im telling you today was a weird day, because the boy that usually 
eats, licks, smears, paint EVERYWHERE
wanted nothing to do with painting!

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  1. I am pretty sure that we need to be friends. Seriously. I need to be friends with providers- for ideas, support, and to vent! :)

    I love the EGG idea. I have seen that with plastic eggs... but we did a craft yesterday using plastic eggs and they were way distracted by opening and shutting. I am going to do that idea tomorrow.. Also love the painting. My kids love to paint.. so I think I will steal that idea too! Thanks for sharing.

    What state are you in? What ages do you have? How long have you been doing this? I am very interested. Also, what do you do to get parents permission to use their child's pictures on the blog?

    Sorry so many questions...