Thursday, April 5, 2012

what is going to happen

i found this great idea at
she gets into the science of it quite a bite
but i figured i could simplify it
and just keep it story related
for my age group
i am sure i could get into the science part and the kids could get it
but i choose to just do the story part!

here is what you will need
(i also made a mistake and used milk instead of butter but it still worked!)
we talked about why Jesus died on the cross for us
and that the marshmallow would represent Jesus body
and then we talked about what happened after he died
and that his body was prepared with oil and spices
and that the milk would be the oil and the cinnamon and sugar would be the spices
we then had to seal the marshmallow into the "tomb" which was the crescent roll.
we then talked about what happened to Jesus after 3 days
and the kids all knew that he would rise from the dead
we then placed the sealed marshmallows in the oven 
and when they were finished we discovered
that our "tomb" was empty just like Jesus' tomb.
this was an awesome little experiment/story telling activity
that i highly recommend to all to do with your kiddos!
its super simple and a wonderful story to tell along with it.
and the kids LOVED the taste of the marshmallow crescent rolls!
we also popped a few marshmallows in the microwave 
and made a huge sticky mess :)

and because i took this idea from Almost Unschoolers
-its great to be a daycare provider!

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  1. Found you via Mingle with Us! blog hop. That is a really cool idea. It looks like your children really enjoyed the activity. Thanks for sharing!