Monday, March 19, 2012


the kids here LOVE to paint
they love to explore with different tools
they love just mixing, stamping, scraping, and
so much more!

I had picked up a few tools last week
and let the kiddos take them outside and test them out
we sprayed 
we sponged
 we dabbed
 we did a little of everything
we made a big mess
after the mess i grabbed a few photos of what each tool made
 picked up these soft scrub sponges at Hyvee (our local grocery store) for a dollar
they made a neat flower looking design
 at Walgreens I found these travel brushes 2 for a dollar
they were fun to just dot with or to scrap and brush along your paper
 sponges from the dollar bin
I pretty sure most people have painted with a type of sponge before
I love to buy the large sponges and then cut them up to different sizes or shapes
I feel like I get a lot for my money when I buy the bigger ones
and finally there is the spray bottle
I added a little paint and a little water to the bottle
this was the kids FAVORITE!
my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE spray bottles
this was my least favorite, it was a little windy and the spray kinda went everywhere
and it left the papers very wet (because there was water and because the kids kept spraying, and spraying and spraying!!)
overall the kids really did enjoy exploring the different painting tools
and I would say these are a new favorites for us

What are your favorite painting tool?


  1. I love this idea - I'll have to do this with my son this summer - I think we'll try some food coloring paints so he can just paint on the sidewalk!

  2. What a great idea!! I love how they each make different designs. That first one is pretty, like a flower!