Thursday, March 15, 2012

it is like someone threw up rainbow on my kitchen table

i don't even know where that title came from
but its the thought that crossed my mind 
when I took this picture
and this isn't even all of the pictures that were created!

We did a little rainbow free art
I provided the kids with different materials
paper, pom poms, buttons, sequence, jewels, crayons, 
scissors, and glue
and then I set the materials on the table and just let the kids GO WILD!

i love putting the materials on a separate table
its fun for the kids to get up and move around 
and it frees space up on the working tables so kids have more room to work!
this is the face of a kid that just took a giant bite of a gluestick and said "mmmmmmmmmmmmm"
(if you look close you can see it all over the bottom of his teeth)
don't worry I pinned him down and scrapped it out!
the thing I hear the most of when we do projects
"Jill do you like my picture!"
to which the kids will hear
I love the way you glued all those different color stripes on your paper!
can you tell me about your picture?
(i use that one when I have no idea whats going on and don't want to hurt their feelings, works like a charm my friends!)
you are the such a creative little genius!

I use a lot more comments depending on the project and what the kids have created
The reason I am sharing this with you is because I want to encourage all of you
not to just to say
"good job" or "way to go" 
"beautiful picture" or "Its fabulous" 
("its fabulous" is my favorite)
I challenge all of you to talk about your child's photos 
let them tell you the story that is behind their creation
sometimes you might hear
"i don't know!" and they walk away
and thats ok, but if you keep asking you will be amazed 
at the language your kids are using!
no more good jobs, and nice pictures
talk about those projects!

The End!

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  1. Thank you! Fun ideas here, can't wait to read up!

  2. Jill it is fabulous!!! Your posts are so inspiring! I get so many ideas!

  3. I wish I had patience for these projects. Oh, and thanks for the laugh Eli! :)