Tuesday, March 13, 2012

its raining...

i know you were all thinking men
common this is a daycare blog :)

But we did a little project on rain and water!

First we talked about clouds
if we could touch a could what would it feel like:
pillows, soft, fluffy, cotton candy
if we could taste it, what would it taste like:
gross, feathers, cotton candy, sticky

We then made a cloud with cotton balls
glue + cotton = fun!
hmmm where should this piece go...
look at that face of pure concentration!

even "babies" can join the fun!

We then made rain drops!
i took a couple toilet paper tubes and folded one side to make it look like a raindrop
busy busy boys!

Here are some of our finished products!

and then we did some water play!  
we talked about how after a rain storm we can always find lots of frogs and snakes and other pond animals.  and so we had a few "ponds" and animals inside!
there may have been some alligators and sharks that made their way to our pond as well!
oh I also had to put a stop to water play to lay down some towels (should have done that first!)
they were getting a little crazy and the water on the floors was making me a little crazy!
poured some water in the babies trays and WOW! 
that was a HUGE FUN MESS!!!
look at that face of pure happiness!!!  
These crazy boys played in their water tray with spoons and medicine cups 
for over 30mins!  
They then screamed at me as i took their trays away!
but don't worry the screaming stopped once they got outside...
only to begin again when they had to come back inside!

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