Friday, March 2, 2012

Slime Time

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The plan today was to make Ooobleck to go along with
But i didn't have any cornstratch...THE HORROR!!
i did FINALLY buy some Borax
and I found this super easy FLUBBER recipie from
(i picked it up at a training a couple years ago!)
What you need:
mix 2 cups of water with 4 tablespoons of Borax in one bowl
in another bowl mix 1 1/2  cups of White glue with 2 cups of warm water and food coloring if you want it colored!
SLOWLY...OH SO VERY SLOWLY add the borax mixture into the glue mixture...slowly and a little at at time.  if you pour to quickly or to much it will harden! :( then you will have wasted a LOT of glue!
Mix with your hands as you add the borax mixture and you will feel it all come together to make a nice flubber mixture!
You won't need all the borax mixture and not all the glue water mixture will be used as well but once you got a nice chunck of flubber pull it out and discard everything else!
Then give it to the kids and them have a ball!!

I added some CLEAR glue to the left over mixtures I had...BAD idea!
At first I was like oh CLEAR glue this is awesome!
Then as the kids played with it, it crumbled and broke apart everywhere!
Sooooo...just throw the mixtures away don't try to add more things!
 this is NOT a girl but a very cute boy dressed as a girl for crazy wacky goofy day :)
HE WAS OBSESSED with the flubber!!  and for being 18months old he stay focused and busy for over 45mins!  I actaully had to pry it away from his clenched fists because it was time for lunch!

If flubber is stored in a airtight ziploc bag it should last for at least a week or two!!
we will be playing with this stuff till it no longer is flubbery!

so to all you moms, dads, preschool teachers, and grandparents, and of course my dear favorites -- home daycare providers go to the laundry isle buy some Borax, pick up a case of glue and make some flubber!!!! 
(the kids called it slime but in the book, its called Flubber)
you will NOT regret this!!!

Next week we will be making SLIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So cute! We did this a couple of weeks ago in our 5 senses study and it was a hit! Thanks for sharing :).