Thursday, March 22, 2012

go fly a kite...

sometimes my post title comes to me and then i think
i should come up with a new on, and nothing comes to mind
so i keep it...
go fly a kite!
or you could just make one
that is exactly what we did today
i cut up some kite shapes
got out the finger paints
(because that is our very favorite)
and let the kids go crazy with finger paint
while we were painting the kids were thinking
"hey lets head outdoors and fly these kites!"
but mean daycare lady had to crush their spirits
and announce "its raining kids."
insert LOTS of sad faces and moans!
but don't you worry my friends
smart daycare lady had a plan
because a painted belly is cuter than a painted kite!
we did a little science experiment
on putting things in front of the fan to see what would happen
so we took a kite that we didn't paint and "flew" it in front of the fan!
fun was had by all!
its always great to see kids little minds thinking and what would work and what wouldn't work
of course the little kids were chucking blocks at the fan
(don't worry i was right there to protect them)
only to be disappointed the block didn't fly in the wind
(they really should have been thankful because a block in the head is no fun, yes working with children does mean you get a block to the head)
the older, wiser children knew to find a superman cape, or a doll blanket, or a little pink scarf
because those super intelligent children knew that the lite weight item would fly
and those little block throwing kiddos would cheer for them!
because this makes me laugh
--i got this great experiment from my child's preschool teacher, so thank-you Miss Shelly--

tomorrow is friday
which makes me happy!

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  1. I LOVE that pic of Eli!!! He is stinkin' adorable! I see that Natalie is wearing her new outffit...too cute! Great activity, by the way!:) I know why you like Fridays, because it means the Addinks are coming!!:) Haha! :)- Kelly