Friday, March 23, 2012

9 kids 1 hour later...

9 kids and 1 hour later...
that my friends was exhausting!
I have done LOTS of hand/foot print projects
but this one took a lot out of me
the kids were beyond excited to do this project, 
and we did the project in the laundry room 
which made it way more fun...crazy kids
but they look so cute!
(the pictures and the kids)
confession-i had 9 kids but only 8 did the project
the 9th child flipped when i began to paint his hand so we decided it wasn't worth it!
A big THANK-YOU to this mamarazzi for the idea!

we then used leftover paint and these cardboard flower things that at one time had ribbon on them

it was a great day for celebrating SPRING!!
(even though we were a few days off!)


  1. This is lovely! I can imagine what was going on in class while you were doing this craft! But the kids look like they had so much fun!

  2. Love this idea!! SOO cute!! I have a hard time with my ONE daughter...cannot imagine 9?!?! Would love for your to link up today:)


  3. You're welcome!

    We'll just pretend I'm super creative all by myself and that Pinterest had nothing to do with the idea. :)