Thursday, September 15, 2011

Melting Crayons

I have had the same two pieces of artwork hanging in the daycare since I have started.  They are nothing exciting just pictures of children so thats why we put them in the daycare because my mom and I felt like we needed something hanging on the walls and there they hung for three years! 
Then I discovered pinterest and found this piece of artwork I had to make!  So here it is!  Hope you enjoy it and if you have a space that needs a small piece of colorful artwork this is very simple to do!
glue crayons to a canvas
we went with the rainbow look!
then we started the blow dryer and crayon wax went everywhere!
(i was warned but didn't listen)
We got out barriers so that the wax wouldn't go everywhere!
Almost done...

The process took about 26 mins...3 children NEVER moved the whole watching the wax "race" down the canvas, the other children came back and forth checking out the process!  It was fun and exciting!
And now we have a new piece of artwork hanging on our wall!  I have special plans for the other piece of canvas I bought so make sure you come back and check it out next week! (hopefully!)

On the Bus, Octopus!

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