Monday, September 26, 2011

fall trees

Autumn is offically here!  The weather has been wonderful.
The leaves on the trees have been changing colors for the last few weeks and the kids have really been noticing so today I decided we would make our own fall trees.
here are the supplies that I used.  The item we used to make the leaves was an egg carton cut up in 3 sections.
here are the kiddos gluing their tree parts on and painting their leaves

Working on writing our names and holding our wiriting utensil correctly!
I have been encouraging the children to write their own names on their papers instead of me doing it!  I have seen great improvment over the last few weeks of doing this!
Finished product of one of the kids!

After the babies woke up from their naps we did little foot print leaf trees as well! 
The babies were a little unsure of the cold wet paint squishing between their toes.  A few giggles, and a few tears!

See you Later, Alligator!

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