Sunday, September 18, 2011

Creative Catch-up

We have been so busy this week I haven't been able to share everything we have been doing!  So this post may be long with lots of pics but I just want to do a little catchingup!

Apple HandPrints
The first thing we did this week was make apples!  This kept the older kids very busy and was a great activity to work on their fine motor skills! 
Finished Product!!

Cookie Cutter Shapes
The next activity we did for the week was cookie cutter painting!  Its so easy and fun!  We did shape cookie cutters!  We talked about all the different shapes, and how many sides each shape has, ect.

I found a box of  110 cookie cutters so I have a feeling we willl be doing lots of cookie cutter painting!!

Rice Shakers
This next activity gave me a little anxiety since I am not a huge fan of a mess on the floor!  This activity created a HUGE mess on my floor!  But I made the decision before I started the activity that I would stay cool and the mess would be an easy clean up, and to just let the kids have fun!!
And they had a blast!  they have asked everyday since then if we can do it again!
(but I have said no I am not ready for the mess again)
don't mind the few cheerios in the mix of all the rice and sequence! 
Yes, this is what landed on the floor!  I am still finding more rice! 

How to make colored rice...
You can do the whole alcohol and food coloring but I found that koolaid works just as great!
-- Put 2 cups of rice in a ziploc bag
-- Mix a packet of koolaid in 1/4 cup of water and stir briskly!
-- Poor mixture into ziploc bag and mix it together!
-- Poor out over paper towels or a towel (it will stain) and let dry after a few hours/overnight.
The colors are bright and it smells great!

Well that is a quick recap of some of the things I never got a chance to share!  Hope you enjoyed!

To Your House, Quiet Mouse!

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