Thursday, September 1, 2011


It was a HOT one out there today!  So the kids got to take a jump into the pool one last time before all the summer swim stuff gets put away!  While the kids were swimming and I was dying sitting in the sun in all the that heat I remembered I had been making colored ice cubes and they were just sitting in the freezer waiting to be painted with!  So I had the kids jump onto the picnic table and I got the supples!

Again painting is exciting over here, but when its a different method of painting its even that much more exciting! So the children were ready to dive in and begin their masterpieces!

food coloring and water

the kiddos busy doing their ice paintings

After all the paper ran out and there were still LOTS of ice cubes left we took the colored ice to the sidewalk, and when the sidewalk was no longer fun we dumped the ice cubes into the pool and watched them melt and make the color brown!

Give me a Hug, Ladybug!!

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