Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goodnight Gorilla

I hope I am doing this right since this "linking" up with other bloggers is new to me!
This is such a great idea!  Encouraging parents, providers, teachers, ect, to read and continue on with the book with other acitivities with the children!

I choose Goodnight Gorilla because it is a favorite of the kiddos here! 

 We started out by reading the book in the dark with a flashlight before nap.  You see in the story it is night time and the zookeeper is saying goodnight to all the animals with his flashlight!  So i guess this was my own little way of saying goodnaptime to the kids!  (it didnt work so well they were pretty wound up!)  After the story we made our own flashlights!  Very simple but the kids had fun!  We had to wait until after naptime to finish the flashlights since the paint had to dry! 
Again we were pretty much done before I started taking pics so I only got a couple. 

My battery died before I had a chance to take a pic of the final prodoct! But we put a piece of tin foil over the end and that gave the illusion of a flash light! 
The kids are super excited to use their flashlights to say goodnight to the animals tomorrow! 
Adios, Hippos!


  1. What a cute idea...we love this book :0)

    Thank you for linking up to stART

  2. At least your flashlights won't run out of batteries! Yes, we love this book, too!