Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things you can do with .... Thursday

I am gonna try find "household" type items and then find things I can do with them with the kids throughout a week or two.  And I will be calling it "Things you can do with....Thursday.
Always up for ideas so please share them!!

Last week and this week we played a lot with Painters Tape!
 The first thing we did with painters tape was make and indoor hopscotch!

A week later it is still there and the kids are still hoping on it daily!
We then painted using painters tape!
I made the first letter of each kids name with tape, had the children paint their piece of paper and then I pulled the tape off so the kiddos could see their letter!  The kids had a blast seeing their letter appear!!
Working on painting our letters!
Taking our time, trying to stay "in the lines"  I never push for children to stay in the lines so its always so funny that with age they start to develop it on their own!

The kids leave and I am left wit this!  oh the joys!

Our final product! 
I discovered that the kids that took longer to paint the tape did not come off as easy.  So I recommend if you do this acitivty to pull the tape off right away!  Also the kiddos that used LOTS AND LOTS of paint their paper also tore a little bit but for the most part they turned out just as I had hoped!

We also made a road on the carpet to drive our car on! 
Busy driving the cars on the road!  I ran out of tape so our road isn't very big! :(

This little dude LOVES to make lines so lining his cars up on a line, he was in heaven!

I love how busy they get with new things!

Here comes TROUBLE!!

Don't mind the road block!  The boys would just "fly" their cars over the road block! 
Our last acitivy with painters tape was a target!
Look at the form on that kid!
The kids were given permission to throw objects at the wall!  We only threw the noodles we had cut up earlier in the week!  So far no large and hard objects have been thrown at the target!
Well that was our fun with painter's tape!  Would LOVE to hear what you do with painters tape as well!

Hasta Manana, Iguana!!


  1. Jill, you have a lot of great ideas. I wish I were at least HALF that creative. I should have sent my boys to daycare just so they could have some fun in their lives! Good work.

  2. This is so cute...what a great idea!!