Friday, September 23, 2011

Felt Board Friday

Another Friday and Another Felt Board Story!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned we loved The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and have read the story and acted out scenes outside on the slides and even inside as I chased children all over the place!  So I decided I needed to make the story out of Felt! 
Here is my beautiful creation!

Now I was sooo proud of this especially since I am not very crafty, but then my daughter and I had this conversation
Natalie: "What's that?"  --pointing to the troll
Me: "Thats the Big scary Troll!"
Natalie: "he's green, thats weird.  Why does he have red hair?"
Me: my feelings now hurt - "well mommy thought green and red would make him look mean and scary."
Natalie: "He isn't very Big is he?"
Me: "Well he is kinda big...?"
Natalie: "I guess I will just pretend he is big and scary because he isn't!"
Me: "ok." :(
  ---I MUST create a new bigger and better and SCARIER troll--

Any ideas for me on how to accomplish this??

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