Wednesday, May 9, 2012

another garden

i had no plans today
wasn't really sure what i was going to do to break the day up
so as i stood in my storage area staring at everything
coffee filters caught my eye

that is when this vision came to my mind

and this is how we got there
i spotted the markers and the coffee filters and thought 
we have not done this activity in almost  year so i thought it was time
working on some fine motor skills by getting those lids back on the marker!
my wonderful group of kiddos
 (not all here)
even toddlers well ONE toddler was trusted with markers
the other was choosing to eat his :)
after they coffee filter was all colored up
we sprayed them with water!
i lay down a towel because knowing kids a couple squirts of water doesn't happen!
they have to drench and soak there coffee filter!
here one is drying!
i love how the marker bleeds and it makes some pretty cool looking projects!
and here again we have our final project!

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  1. It's amazing to me that you can come up with a craft idea on the fly like that.....I would never be able to, but it looks like it was fun! Well done!

  2. Cute projects!

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  4. They came out so pretty! There are few things kids love better than squirting water so I bet this was a ton of fun. Just pinned! Vicky from

  5. wow! That is such a fab idea!! Dont you just love it when you get a vision?? It happened to me last week and we made flowers with paper plates and foam and a few handprints!! Will be pinning this later!